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Bud Lights LED Grow Light System

Bud Lights LED Patented Grow Light System delivers 98% of the usable light to the plant where it belongs. More than a single light, we have developed a System of Grow Lighting able to deliver growth illumination to the plants at 360 degrees. Top-Down, Side-In, Bottoms-Up…light infusion is the key to maximize yields.

Over the past 18 months we have worked with engineers to create a proprietary blend of LEDs that mirrors the sun. Unlike the multi colored blends that are imported from Asia, our LED has been designed to mirror the growing power colors of the sun.

Superior thermal management allows our Grow Light System to provide maximum facility density. Our ultra-low temperatures at the fixture allow the lights to get closer to the plants allowing more plants levels per vertical foot of facility.

The Bud Lights LED Grow Light System is available in a variety of wattages and growth stage colors to meet the needs of the various styles of growing.

Whether it’s a full commercial operation, or you’re just growing a few plants for your home, Bud Lights LED delivers.